He Made History

As a Jewish slave laborer under the Nazis on the Russian Front, he impersonated the German commander, ordering, "Retreat!" to the German soldiers, reversing the tide of a major battle and saving the lives of many Jewish slaves...he later escaped from the slave labor camp and single-handedly took down half a squadron of German soldiers…he captured and interrogated hundreds of Nazi officers and spies and turned them over to the Russians—who first made him commander of a prison camp, then rewarded him by making him overlord of a conquered enemy town. But then they arrested him and prepared to kill him on suspicion of being a Nazi spy. Running for his life as a fugitive with a huge price on his head, Aaron manages once again to outwit his pursuers, become a black marketeer, and even marry his hometown sweetheart when they found each other by chance, hundreds of miles away from home after the war.

Meet Aaron Herskowitz: thief, horse trainer, assassin, smuggler, a Jewish slave who escaped from his captors and made history—but until now, wasn’t recorded in it. Aaron’s Revenge is the true adventure of a World War II hero you’ve never heard of. This gripping story, based on the recollections Aaron’s son Howard pried out of him at the end of his life, shows the power of one human being who refuses to let evil go unchallenged—even challenging the evil of revenge he found in his own heart.


Videos with Aaron

Videos with AaronAaron Herskowitz tells his story to his son, Howard, who recorded interviews with his father about his epic adventures and survival during World War II and his journey From Slave to Master...

Videos with Aaron


From the town of Bilke, across the then-Soviet Union and back again, Aaron's Revenge began in 1939, and traced the Nazi Hungarian offensive and retreat from the Russians.

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