Aaron's Journey From Slave to Master - by Howard Herskowitz

You'll be captivated by this multi-media presentation!

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Please join us for this unforgettable presentation commemorating " FATHER'S DAY "

"Remembering what our Dads and Grand-Dads did during and after the Holocaust."

We encourage all Dads to bring
their sons as well as all loved ones
and friends to this very special event.


A full breakfast will be served.
For Reservations, Please contact:
Richard Freer at 786-201-1415.

Join Howard Herskowitz, author of “Aaron’s Journey From Slave to Master,” as he tells the amazing story of his 5'2" father, Aaron Herskowitz, whose “job descriptions” during World War II included slave to the Hungarian Nazis, then escaping to the Russians, for whom he became a bounty hunter and captured hundreds of Nazi officers and spies, and even being appointed by the Russians as overlord of a conquered enemy town. In this dramatic presentation (including compelling video footage of Aaron telling the story in his own words), Howard will share the heroism, the adventure, and the astonishing love story of Aaron’s war years. Howard will make this true story come alive for you as you get to know this remarkable hero of the recent past.

The book has been endorsed by the late Congressman Tom Lantos (the only Holocaust survivor to serve in US Congress), military historian Col. David Glantz, Jewish Book World, and many others (get the details at www.aaronsjourney.com).

Have Howard autograph copies of the
book you can buy for you and your loved ones.

For further information, contact: (954) 764-8005

email: info@aaronsjourney.com
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The book Aaron’s Journey From Slave to Master is now available. To order the book NOW, Click here

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A Love that Beat the Odds

Aaron also survived by drawing on the memory of the woman he loved—and managed, against all odds, to find her again years later, each believing the other had perished.

“Please visit www.aaronsjourney.com or call us at (954) 764-8005 to learn more about Aaron's incredible story (and purchase the book if you can't attend the live event).

I look forward to meeting you on June 19th.”

— Howard Herskowitz, Author —

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SOUTH FLORIDIANS FOR THE SAFETY & SECURITY OF ISRAEL (including an upcoming video of interviews of children of Holocaust survivors and supporters of Eretz Israel), please click link below.