You have chronicled the most compelling saga of your father's nightmare struggle of survival and then triumph against the Nazis during the bleak, black period of World War II and the horror of the Holocaust. While reading about your father’s revenge against his tormentors, I was reminded of an ancient Indian proverb: “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.” Those of us who have survived the Holocaust have walked those two moons and we are the last to judge. This is an important and unique story, superbly written.

--The Late US Congressman Tom Lantos

This gem of a memoir describes the epic ordeal of Aaron Herskowitz, a young Czechoslovakian who, caught up in the treacherously deadly currents of World War II, somehow survived. With his son's able assistance as the author of this magnificent work, this book stands as a this one remarkable man succeeded by luck, courage and ingenious imagination, in surviving and triumphing over the horrific ordeals inflicted upon him by Nazi fascism at its worst. Social history at its best, this is a must read.

--Colonel David M. Glantz, US Army (ret.) Historian, author and world renowned expert on the German v. Russian campaign during world War II.

Aaron's Revenge is one of the great epic stories that encompasses modern warfare. The Russian Front of World War II has been considered by many to be the most brutal military campaign in history. Aaron's Revenge begins with a man's brutal slavery on the Eastern Front under Nazism and fascism, but it becomes the most radical "turn-around" of fortunes I have ever encountered. This is a true story of a European man who escapes Nazi slavery, joins the Russian Army, and then become a man of great power to deal out justice to those who had so brutally punished him and his comrades and innocent civilians just because they were Jewish. Aaron interrogates the prisoners he captures and punishes those who committed atrocities. I have had the great pleasure of spending time with Aaron Herskowitz's son, Howard, the author, who has most stunningly told this incredible story, in which Aaron manages to overcome the odds, it seems, with nine lives. I have fact-checked the military and historical aspects of the story and they are true and correct. The book is so well-written and engrossing that I couldn't put it down. I recommend it highly, and I consider Aaron's Revenge a must read.

-- General Albin Irzyk, U.S. Army ret., author of "He Rode Up Front For Patton," renowned expert on the European campaigns of World War II. He and General Patton liberated a Nazi death camp in Western Germany before the war was over. General lrzyk’s Fourth Armored Division spearheaded Gen. Patton's Third Army across Western and Central Europe. He was wounded twice and received the nation's second highest decoration, the Distinguished Service Cross, for extraordinary heroism.

I have now read your book with much interest. Your father was a remarkable man and the story is very well told.

--Dr. Michael Berenbaum- Internationally acclaimed author, historian, educator, TV/Film producer.

Just when we think we have read everything that can be said about that war tragedy, along comes a book like Aaron's Revenge...Aaron Herskowitz will surprise you, perhaps shock you...Aaron's Revenge is a rough book to read, and was meant to be so. It offers no excuses, makes no apologies and seeks no moral high ground. It simply asks the question, "What would you have done in his place?"

--Jack Shakely, Internet Review of Books

This book is a powerful story and one that was hard to imagine. This book was one that gripped me throughout the reading. You can feel Aaron's struggle through the story as he figures out what Hitler has planned and he attempts, unsuccessfully to get people to fight back. The story is an amazing one and you feel for Aaron and the people around him. It was amazing to me how cruel some people in the story were and I was amazed at how much cruelty one person could endure. Then just when you think you understand the story, it changes. You find out that after Aaron escapes from the Nazis to join the Russian Army, and he becomes a bounty hunter for the Russians, capturing and interrogating hundreds of Nazi officers, spies and SS men. Aaron even reflects that though he was successful, and was given the highest authority by the Russians to punish these captives to any extreme he wishes, he soon begins to question his own humanity in his quest for revenge. This story was so compelling, and you are simply drawn in to then draw judgment on Aaron.

--Dad of Divas "book reviews"

This incredibly fast paced, action-packed and suspense-filled wartime thriller is the remarkable true story of a young Jewish man who survived years of terror under Nazi rule and enslavement by their fiendish Hungarian allies to eventually escape and fight for the Russians, who appoint him as overlord of an enemy town...thus achieving the ultimate reversal of fortune...Aaron's Revenge also divulges the astounding and shocking secrets revealing why six million Jews did not have to perish, and why there was virtually no armed Jewish resistance - secrets rarely spoken aloud until now, in this book.

-- William Balam, Senior Beacon News

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Finished it in three days.

--Don Silver - Chief Operations Officer Boardroom Communications.


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