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This book is a powerful story and one that was hard to imagine. This book was one that gripped me throughout the reading. You can feel Aaron's struggle through the story as he figures out what Hitler has planned and he attempts, unsuccessfully to get people to fight back. The story is an amazing one and you feel for Aaron and the people around him. It was amazing to me how cruel some people in the story were and I was amazed at how much cruelty one person could endure. Then just when you think you understand the story, it changes. You find out that after Aaron and another Jew escape from the Nazis to join the Russian Army, and they become bounty hunters for the Russians, capturing hundreds of Nazi officers, spies and SS men. Aaron even reflects that though they were successful, and were given the highest authority by the Russians to punish these captives, including executions for atrocities, he soon begins to question his own humanity in his quest for revenge. This story was so compelling, and you are simply drawn in to then draw judgment on Aaron.

--Dad of Divas "book reviews"

This incredibly fast paced, action-packed and suspense-filled wartime thriller is the remarkable true story of a young Jewish man who survived years of terror under Nazi rule and enslavement by their fiendish Hungarian allies to eventually escape and fight for the Russians, who appoint him as overlord of an enemy town...thus achieving the ultimate reversal of fortune...Aaron's Revenge also divulges the astounding and shocking secrets revealing why six million Jews did not have to perish, and why there was virtually no armed Jewish resistance - secrets rarely spoken aloud until now, in this book.

-- William Balam, Senior Beacon News

We have many book readers, however, the editor wanted to personally read your book... he was compelled by the story... thank you for your great work and sharing your father's story.

-- Vivian Balam , Senior Beacon News

With such cruelties constantly met upon you, vengeance can easily be the only thing on your mind. "Aaron's Revenge: From Slave to Master" is a unique memoir of the Holocaust as an oppressed Jew finds himself with control over a Nazi town after escaping and joining the Russians. He hopes to bring a new take on the psyche of the Holocaust victim and why a few Jews did what they did. "Aaron's Revenge" is a fascinating read that should prove hard to put down.

--Midwest Book Review

As Aaron discloses in the beginning of the book: "I am...beloved son, father, brother, husband; ...patriotic son of Czechoslovakia, soldier, lover of God; slave laborer, hater of God, Russian partisan, persecutor, killer, survivor." He shares his story honestly, without apology and with no effort to smooth over the jagged edges of the experience. The memoir is often raw and disturbing, true to the times and personalities it depicts... The book is well-written and often gripping and provides a perspective rarely found in Holocaust memoirs. It is recommended for mature readers who have the perspective and background to engage the material and the ethical issues it raises.

--Jewish Book World.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Finished it in three days.

--Don Silver - Chief Operations Officer Boardroom Communications.

"The book is indeed riveting."

--Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff - Acclaimed Holocaust educator and writer. advice is to leave it exactly as it is -- every word. It is excellent. You have a real talent as a writer and a story-teller.

--Elliott Goldenberg - Renowned author

Aaron's Revenge is probably the most amazing journey I've ever read. From his scrapes with death as a slave laborer to his escape from the Soviet secret police, I couldn't put the book down. I have taught World History and American History at different levels. I'm convinced this book would engage the students in a much deeper, more meaningful way than the current routine of key words and boring textbooks. The adventure is real and you can't put the book down. The author does a great job of incorporating maps and historical facts. This is a must-read.

--David Freer "Book Banner" – Professor
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