Through hours of videotape, Aaron Herskowitz’s son Howard captured the horror and triumph of his father’s extraordinary life during and after World War II. A gifted storyteller who frequently impersonated his captors and friends, Aaron Herskowitz’s genuine and captivating delivery, modest personality and the telling of both heroic and horrific acts enraptures his audience. Much of the filming was done during a family trip, when Aaron was 75 years old, to Eastern Europe and Bilke, the site of Aaron’s family farm. In these clips, Aaron describes his survival and the deep questioning of his faith. In a pivotal scene, Aaron wonders how his friend Sax became a monster of revenge. He recounts the killing of a Nazi soldier who’d planned to murder

him; Aaron denounces the rabbis who failed their people; finally, he illustrates his survival during the Russian bombings that wiped out his comrades and captors. From these videos, plus interviews and historical research, Howard Herskowitz wrote his father’s story.

  The video, "We Had Too Much Power!"tells the story of Aaron as the master of Geryen, a captured Nazi town, in 1944. He had virtually unlimited power as the Russian-sponsored ruler, and he, along with his 2nd in command, his friend Ignatz Sax took their revenge. But Sax goes too far, brutally torturing German or Hungarian soldiers and spies they capture. Aaron recedes from his own violence, but Sax refuses to end his brutality.





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