Aaron is befriended by a hulk of a Hungarian Jewish slave new to the camp named Ignatz Sax, the wildest man Aaron would ever know. The two become fast friends and share many passions, including the burning desire to escape one day and exact revenge. In this video, Aaron impersonates his old comrade in some of his outrageous and hilarious antics.













Aaron the Horse Master

Another talent Aaron possessed that helped save his life ― he was a genuine horse master. When he noticed that all skilled Hungarian and Nazi officers failed to tame the Hungarian Major’s wild stallion, Aaron stepped forward to volunteer, and the rest is a heroic and exciting adventure.













The Hungarian SS—Schoolhouse Beatings

Most of us are not fully aware of the dastardly role that Hungary played as Hitler’s military ally as well as murdering and torturing Jews. This gripping video exposes this missing link.






Death Fight For My Watch

While on the back of a Nazi-Hungarian truck, Aaron refuses to surrender his watch to the Hungarian guard who demands it. A furious fight to the death ensues. How does Aaron get out of this dilemma?












Hitler had been emphatic to his armies on the Russian front: NO RETREAT, NO MATTER WHAT. And yet, on January 13, 1943, at the battle of Voronezh, the Jewish slave laborer, Aaron, boldly impersonates the Axis commanders at the front lines, ordering countless platoons of Nazi soldiers to retreat in defiance of Hitler's orders. Because some of the video occurs while Aaron is having a meal, subtitles are inserted during those segments for clarity to the viewer.








Rabbis vs. Zionists

Aaron and his Zionist comrades felt they had good reason to believe that the Holocaust would not have been nearly as devastating, if not for passive preachings of most of the orthodox rabbis of Europe. The rabbis preached against Jewish military resistance and against emigration to Palestine. These historical facts have rarely been revealed, which makes for a fascinating video.












Aaron Sings his Favorite Song

When at last Aaron escapes from the Nazis and joins the Russian Army, he becomes enamored with their rousing marching song. It was such a morale-booster, that it remained Aaron’s favorite song for the rest of His life. A video treat!

















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