Homeward—Return to Bilke

Forty-five years after leaving their home town to the ashes of the War, Aaron and Helen are persuaded by their adult children to return with them to the magical place of their youth. They are reminded of their peaceful family life in their idyllic little town.












From Farmer to Slave

Aaron’s youth was peaceful and he grew up with an education and ran his family’s large farm in Eastern Czechoslovakia. Things changed within a few years, so that slowly but surely the Nazis and Hungarian Fascists took away the Jews’ rights ─ and indentured the Jewish men into slavery.






Aaron ─ King of the Laundry: “Attention all Employees!”

When Aaron and Helen immigrated to America in 1948, Aaron joined his older brothers in the laundry business. Aaron quickly became known as a tough boss—but a fair one. In this hilarious video, we see a different side of Aaron―his unique sense of humor, which included his ability to make fun of himself, as other family members try to impersonate Aaron.








Aaron’s Tribute to President Ronald Reagan

In this entertaining and at times humorous video, Aaron shows how very close he felt to the ideals of US President Ronald Reagan. During the war, Aaron spent many weeks as a prisoner in the Soviet gulags, falsely accused of being a Nazi spy. He proclaimed Reagan to be his favorite president of all time, whose policies brought an end to the Soviet Union. Find out more by watching this most entertaining video.










More Sax

Sax related an outrageous story to Aaron which occurred before the War. The story is so pungently within Sax's character, that it helps give us a further sense of the man, and why he became Aaron’s great friend—as well as his gravest bane.


Helen's Brothers 1930s - A Very Funny Video

Aaron wife Helen grow up with very religious brothers, some of whom aspired to be rabbis. Aaron pokes some good-natured fun at their zealous piety. When Helen's brother Wolf gets drafted into the Czechoslovakian Army dressed in orthodox garb, he instantly becomes the laughing-stock of the whole regiment, able to speak only Yiddish and Hebrew, refusing to eat the army's non-kosher food. Although Aaron jokes about Wolf's plight, he comes to Wolf's rescue, risking his own military career, but ingratiating himself with Helen's family as Wolf's savior.